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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Sean writes:

My 1963 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door hardtop has a 318 V-8, pushbutton automatic transmission, factory AC, and a few other options.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere drivers side

My great-aunt bought the car new from the dealer showroom. I have every paper, receipt, and gasoline fill w/ mileage from the time it was new (even the window sticker).

1963 Plymouth Belvedere dash 1963 Plymouth Belvedere back seat

Click on above picture for a closer view.

The car has 76,500 miles on it and it has very few flaws. The seats, except for the driver's seat are all mint. The driver's seat has extremely minor flaws. The interior is perfect except for the driver door arm rest where it has a 3/4 inch long split going into the cup and otherwise, there is absolutely NO FLAWS.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere front drivers turn signal The exterior has only extremely minor door dings. The paint is flawless (It shines and reflects like a mirror) and original other than a 1 square inch section on the fender beside the hood on the driver's side. It has NEVER been wrecked, bumped, or anything. The rear bumper is a 1/4 inch out of alignment because it was jacked up improperly with the bumper jack.

I put in new brakes and a master cylinder, an Edelbrock performer series 750cfm carb, rebuilt tranny, regular service parts, and new shocks. Otherwise, the car is original. It has all original, flawless windows (the windshield doesn't even have pits). 1963 Plymouth Belvedere pass side

The car was never taken above 40 MPH because my great aunt only used it to go between the school here she taught (Spring Woods High) and her house which is less than 2 miles away. That and grocery runs were all it ever got to see. My great aunt kept it in the garage and washed AND WAXED it once a week. I have been removing emblems to get all the wax build up out from under them. My great aunt's glaucoma got the best of her and she had to give up driving back in 1995. Four years later, I received the car from her.

It was a dream come true!

1963 Plymouth Belvedere front drivers turn signal close up That's the story and the history behind the car I had asked her for since I was three years old, my 1963 Plymouth Belvedere!

Thanks, Sean!

That is a beautiful '63 and it is a tremendous tribute to your great-aunt that you are continuing to care for the Plymouth, and have fun at the same time!

Congratulations on obtaining such a great car! smile!

Gary H.

September 13, 2002

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