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1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible

Jean-Marcel Gachet writes from Switzerland: I’m the proud owner of a 1963 Plymouth Fury convertible. 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible

My Plymouth has been assembled in Switzerland under license, the same way that other Mopar and GM cars did. Therefore, this Plymouth Fury never rolled out from a US factory, only the parts did!

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible

I would like to restore partially this car which used to wear originally a light beige 32202 paint scheme and coresponding interior, but the Plymouth was once poorly re-sprayed with some non-Plymouth blue.

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible front seats 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible rear seats

Update March 2011

The Plymouth is undergoing paint and body. Below is the fender tag for this Swiss-assembled 1963 Plymouth Fury.

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible Swiss ID tag 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible Swiss Fender Tag

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible Swiss ID tag

Jean-Marcel writes: LAUF German language Lauf is probably the code number of production line here. FARB German language FARB is probably the code number for the color but probably translated in Swiss language.
Amazingly colors code do not reflect the original coating of this car, it is refer to top but it a convertible; well I do not know the color Claret Metallic.

Bill writes: 

[part 1]

The car came the Lynch Road plant, including paint and interior. Judging by the Swiss tag it was probably shipped in pieces, although
not completely knocked down, and the pieces assembled in Switzerland.

Serial Number: 3331 101633

3 - Plymouth V8
3 - Fury
3 - 1963 model year
1 - Lynch Road assembly plant
101633 - 1,633rd Plymouth built at Lynch Road.

Engine Number: T318 023768

T - 1963 model year
318 - 318-cid V8
023768 - 22,768th engine built

For the body tag, any numbers under the top row: "1234567890" would be
for a gate sequence number.  "Gate", I believe, referring to the
framework used to hold the body stampings in place while the body was
welded together.

The numbers/letters under TRM and PAINT are reversed.

Under TRM,  TT  W, is for the paint.

T - roof color - Claret Metallic [ed. note: this may be not accurate for Swiss-assembled convertibles?]
T - body color - Claret Metallic [ed. note: this may be not accurate for Swiss-assembled convertibles?]
W - insert - white

Under PAINT, 443, is for the trim
44 - Cloth and vinyl bench seat
3 - color - tan

[Bill's reply, part 2]

That "77" is two number 7s, but stamped in reverse.  The back of the
tag shows the numbers clearly, and in the right way.

B2 : 342 - Torqueflite.    (The "2" is closer to being under the "B"
than the "A")
H5 : 385 - Heater with Defroster
J6 : 396 - Convertible Top - White
K3 : 423 - Backup Lights
L8 : 428 - Windshield Washers - Dual Jet
R6 : ??6 - Probably an export code, but I do not have any export stuff.
(Radios on the 1963 Lynch Road tag were under "C".)

SO NUMBER - 0904 9010
where "0904" is the Scheduled Build Date - September 4, 1962
9010 - 10th one built that day, with "9" for export(?).

BDY - 335
3 - Plymouth V8
3 - Fury
5 - 2-door convertible

12 = 03  and  678 = 148 : I suspect Gate Sequence Numbers.
Both are for Lynch Road assembly codes, not sales codes.  Probably to
do with the building of the body.

[Thanks to Bill Watson for the tag information!]

Contact Jean-Marcel: owner 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible

Thanks Jean-Marcel!

That is a fun ride on any side of the Atlantic!   smile!

Gary H.

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