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1965 Plymouth Fury III

Fuzzy writes:

I rescued this fine Mopar from a junkyard about a month ago.

1965 Plymouth Fury front 1965 Plymouth Fury front clip

The Plymouth had been sitting there for 2 years.

Got it home and did some minor work on the engine,and she fired right up!

1965 Plymouth Fury dash 1965 Plymouth Fury seats

The engine is a 318 poly that I plan to rebuild, with a bigger cam and a four barrel.

1965 Plymouth Fury rear

Thanks, Fuzzy!

Pulled a '62 to '65 from a junkyard and it started right up!

Yup, I've heard that before!

Congratulations on your find and good luck with the restoration!  smile!

Gary H.

October 23, 2002

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