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1963 Dodge Custom 880

Works in Progress

Tom writes: I ran across an awesome deal on a cool old Dodge. I picked this 1963 Dodge Custom 880 up from the second owner for basically scrap price! The Mopar is a non-post four door hardtop pushbutton with a 361 cid engine.

1963 Dodge Custom 880 passenger side front
The Dodge has been garage kept since new. There is a very small spot of rust through on the driver side quarter panel and a few holes in the trunk floor. 1963 Dodge Custom 880 passenger side front
I drove this Dodge home and the Mopar is now resting indoors until spring 2013 when I will fix a few minor mechanical issues. I am not going to disassemble this car! Just going to enjoy 18 feet of cruising pleasure! 1963 Dodge Custom 880 rear

They are still out there to be found!

Contact Tom: Contact owner 1963 Dodge Custom 880 rear

Quite a lucky find Tom. The big Mopars are cruising machines!   smile!

Gary H.

October 25, 2012

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