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1962 Plymouth Canadian Fury

Jim Fleet writes:

Just thought I would send in a couple of shots of my Fury.

1962 Plymouth Canadian Fury front driver    1962 Plymouth Canadian Fury rear

It is a Canadian built car that has a 313 with automatic, no power steering or brakes.

1962 Plymouth Canadian Fury pass side front

It has been repainted twice in the original light blue and I had the seats recovered but it is mostly original.

The car has the Dodge dash and outside trim that make it unique from the US built models.

1962 Plymouth Canadian Fury driver's side front

Cool, Jim!

I'm one of the Mopar fans who actually likes the looks of the 1962 Plymouths.

But I must say the Canadian version with the Dodge trim is especially stunning!

Great car, Jim!

Gary H.

January 31, 2001

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