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1962 Plymouth Fury

Bob Fisher writes:

UPDATE: April 15, 2000.
As it turns out, my frame is too far rotted for restoration within reasonable costs. I hope to find another though.

UPDATE: August 17, 2000.
I have sold all the 62's parts. I am still looking for another project.

Thanks for posting my car. Bob Fisher

I'm building a 1962 Plymouth Fury 2 door Hardtop.

1962 Plymouth Fury

1962 Plymouth Fury

It has a slant 6 and a 3 speed manual on the column. The car is getting a complete restoration.

1962 Plymouth Fury

The car has only 44,000 original miles; however, the rust is pretty extensive.

I plan on restoring the car pretty much original.

1962 Plymouth Fury

I will add A/C, some torque thrust wheels, and a modern stereo system.

I also plan on "hopping up" the slant 6 slightly. Any suggestions concerning this endeavor would be appreciated.

1962 Plymouth Fury

Thanks, Bob.

Glad to hear you are keeping the \6 3 on the tree, too. That's the way a LOT of these came out of Mopar's factory.

And the three-on-the-tree is something a lot of "young un's" never have seen. :-)

Keep us posted!

UPDATE: Well, that's a shame about the rust. Rust damage IS expensive to repair, so I understand! At least someone will get some parts.

Good luck with the search for a replacement Mopar.

Gary H.
March 8, 2000; revised April 15, 2000; August 17, 2000.

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