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1962 Plymouth Savoy

Joe Fay writes:

This 1962 Plymouth Savoy is an absolutely rust free California car that I bought in September 2000 with about 130k on the 318 wedge engine and an excellent push button transmission.

1962 Plymouth Savoy - front view

The Savoy is very straight, having never been in a accident, only wearing roughly five minor parking lot dings.

I picked the Savoy up on Reno, Nevada and drove it to Chicago without a hint of trouble: that's 2200 miles. Having no radio it got a little boring in the Desert.

This car is in unbelievable condition, it rides like a new car and doesn't have any rattles.

Since being purchasing it has required no mechanical work. I have had the seats reupholstered in a heavy gray taxi like vinyl, repaired the sun visors and repainted the dash.

1962 Plymouth Savoy - side view 1962 Plymouth Savoy - rear view

Current plans are to repaint it in Chrysler White, its original color.

Update June 16, 2002

New owner!

David Burns writes:

The Plymouth now resides in California (El Segundo). It will become a Police Car, as it has most of the package in it.

1962 Plymouth Savoy gets delivered to new owner
Great find, Joe!

As you found out, the '62's are wonderful B Body Mopars!

RE Update: Waho! 10-4 there David! Good idea!

Look forward to future developments!   smile!

Gary H.

May 5, 2002; revised June 16, 2002, June 20, 2002

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