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Note: this Chrysler is FOR SALE as of June 2003. Contact Eric for full details.

1964 Chrysler Newport

Eric  writes:

This is a family car, literally: my stepfather bought this car in 1993 from the original owner, a nice gent in Portland, Oregon who bought it new on 5-5-1964. I have the delivery acknowledgment from the dealer, Roy Burnett Motors, Inc. in Portland Oregon. 1964 Chrysler Newport

The reason that my stepfather had bought this car is because the Chrysler is identical to the first car that he had ever owned. Anyway, my stepdad had a fairly major stroke in '94 and the car went to my ten year younger brother who was the typical struggling collage student at SOSU (Southern Or.) at the time. Then the car went to my baby sister. She had the car until late in '99. During that time, she drove it all over the Portland Metro area, and then to South Dakota.

When she got there she parked it....for a little over a year.

I drove back early last year and retrieved it. My youngest son and I towed it back to Phx. It took us two days.

1964 Chrysler Newport

After I got it back here I put her in the garage and there she sat till four months ago. Then the fun began.

I started to clean and polish and go through the start up procedures, (you know fluid draining cleaning cooling flush ect....)well she is up and looking GOOOOOOOOOOD.

Chrysler New Yorker Salon interior Chrysler New Yorker Salon

She still has a few things that needs to be done, but they are normal things.

The nice thing is that this is a bone stock car and she will stay that way. The only thing that I might change is the tire/wheel combo. I will keep it period, but I will keep the original wheels for it. 1964 Chrysler Newport rear

Thanks for all the Mopars.

Thanks, Eric!

You have EXACTLY the type of car that resides where it should: in the care of the family for which it provided many years of service.

Now it is your turn to pay back the ol' Newport.

Sounds like you will take good care of the Chrysler! :-)

RE: for sale update: well change happens; hopefully the car will find a new caretaker family and all can enjoy the '64's company and have fun with the Chrysler. Mopar smile!

Gary H.

April 16, 2001; Revised June 8, 2003

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