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1964 Dodge 880

David Ellison writes:

I am a new owner of a brand spanking old 1964 Dodge 880.

I live in California, (perfect weather for such an old girl).

The 880 is beige with two tone interior. The condition is great, though not perfect, but we are talking about a 38 year old car.

The Dodge has a 383 w/2bbl and the push button Torqueflight. Recently it has been outfitted with a Flowmaster dual exhaust system: talk about a beautiful exhaust note! There is no need for a radio when your car sounds like this..very thundering but not overly loud..just right! Though in the morning when it cold idles with the choke going she shakes the ground within four feet of her tail...Very cool!

I don't see a lot of Web site with 880's and I have never seen another 880 on the road. They are pretty extinct at this point. Some parts are a bear to find.

All in all, I love these cars and they ride great! And the icing on the cake is: not once have I gone out to a crowded parking lot and not been able to find my 880.

Is is definitely a unique ride!

Update October 15, 2003

About a year and a half ago I found a "new old" 1964 Dodge 880. Since then I have done much to make her a road worthy machine to the tune of about 70 miles a day....

She purrs like a Kitten....

Well with that big block it's more like a lion, who am I kidding.... 1964 Dodge 880 big block engine

Along the way I have gained some really great friends. I used to be a chevy guy and I still like all the makes and models of cars but I get the bond that Mopar owners share like no others.

1964 Dodge 880

So from here my hat is continually off to all those who dare tinker with some of the most unique cars to ever intimidate the cruise lanes. By the way here is a picture of my machine respectfully referred to as simply the tan sedan...also known as "the supercruiser."
Thanks David!

You are correct! These are scarce and awesome Mopars!

"Supercruiser" indeed!

Anyone who ever owns one of these big Dodges discovers the under-appreacited, great Mopars that these Dodges represent.

But you know that!   smile!

Gary H.

April 11, 2002; Revised October 15, 2003

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