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1964 Dodge 330

Randy Edwards writes:

I'm restoring a 64 Dodge 330 post and all I need to complete the project are the outer wheel wells.

The car is white with blue interior, and straight, with 55,000 miles. The only rust is in the rear quarters and around the outer wheel wells.

The photos below were taken just before I started the restoration.

1964 Dodge 330 1964 Dodge 330

I pulled the 6 cylinder drive train out and I plan to put a modified 440. I don't yet know if I will do the max treatment or not. I'm still trying to decide how to set it up. I want it for the street and cruise, but I also want it radical enough to scare bystanders. My current thinking is taking the 440 .30 over with eagle rods, KB pistons and port the 452 heads, or just buy Indy heads and run a 292 duration cam. Any suggestions?

The drive train is now being built with the '65 solid axle, '65 big block slip yoke transmission.

I want to get the body into show and cruise condition, so I now have the car striped down and I'm currently working on the underside so I can bring it back to original condition, and have it painted as well.

So this will be a several year project.

I still have my 1963 Dodge Polara on the '62 to '65 Mopar site. I'm keeping that car as a survivor car. This is what drove me to buy another car to keep me busy and away from doing something stupid to the '63. So far it is working! :-)

If anyone has a lead regarding the wheel wells I would appreciate it!

That is a great choice for creating a big block Mopar machine Randy!

Building a 440 is a very personal thing, but Mopar engine builder Don Dulmage notes that Mopar iron cylinder heads don't like lifts above .540" to .600; Don has used both a Stage II Lunati Max Wedge cheater grind (RL-STG-II-JS) and a Racer Brown STX20 cam with good results; 452's are excellent heads, just have the machine shop that works on them know Mopar.

Look forward to updates on your project.... :-)

Gary H.

November 22, 2001

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