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Dan Dvorak from Dvorak Machine Cars and Parts For Sale

Dan Dvorak from Dvorak Machine is selling off a lot of cars and parts to help pay for his catastrophic medical bills.

Contact by phone 352-468-1353 or e-mail (Replace the AT with @ to contact.)

DSC00225.JPGMOPAR 1963 426 Max Wedge Manifold and OE 3447SA Carburetors - Real nice piece, everything seals and works, may want to wash and blow carbs, manifold opened up for 3705's if wanted. Manifold includes plugs and O rings. Linkage available for additional $200. $2995 OBO

DSC00229.JPG426 Hemi crossram and OE carburetors 4235-6 in great condition. Manifold new mp unit with gaskets and bolts, carbs used, working, all there, clean and re-gasket before using. No linkage available. $1495 OBO

1963 Dodge 330 2 door sedan, factory race car, aluminum front end. Unrestored just like the day it hit the track for good, over 20 years of kicking ass nationally. 426 max wedge 425 hp runs a/sa in NHRA and AA/SA in IHRA. Best of 10.15/131 unfactored track, Michigan in July. Car was 60 pounds light for A/SA NHRA so that figures to a 10.21.

Have not run the car much in the last 5 years, illness and teenage kids ready for college. I never seem to hurt the engines or wear them out, but a fast bullet is easy to sell. Hard to build a replacement though. This car now has a brand new engine, 2 passes at Gainesville, driver problems but engine was singing. No problemo going 1 second under with good shoe.

Nice aluminum, hood was re-skinned. Car is nice and clean, only painted once in its life, easy restoration but not necessary.

All the best parts and technology through 1995. Nothing added or improved since then. If new owner wants to be competitive, updating will be required. I will assist new owner in any way necessary to make a winning project.

This car and I have done and won everything asked of us. Nationals Champion, WDRS champion, division champion, 20+ class championships, 25+ national records, when we were working, we were the class of the field. For a few years, no one was even close.

Now we have to part so I can cover the incredible expense of illness. It breaks my heart but maybe someone will own it that will love her as much as I do.

Hooks hard, always comes home alive, maintenance is important. Spare parts available, have Tennessee title, is an original max wedge car. I installed the aluminum after I bought it. It is not a factory aluminum car, but who could tell? The car had 49,000 miles on it when I got it, with a 318 poly engine. They kept blowing up the max wedges so they gave up!

I have seen cars like this go for $100k and more, that do not have the history or technology of this car. Restoration is easy, I would gladly swap out original numbers matching everything for the race stuff if desired. Please call me with specific questions and for more detailed information.

Price is $59,000 or best *reasonable* offer. Please do not waste either of our time with stupid offers. There is not a car like this anywhere. Dozens of magazine articles, cover shots, centerfolds. Would be glad to copy everything I have on the car. Thank you, Dan Dvorak 352-468-1353

1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon for sale. Fully restored. 413 Max Wedge for pump gas. Deep Cordovan Metallic, absolutely zero rust to start with. Detroit locker w/ street gear, Special suspension, painted wheels, 65 Pushbutton and Axel housing. Call for more information. Special requests of purchaser honored. Close to completion, changes very possible. CALL

1963 Plymouth Wagon for sale. Roller, nice, almost no rust, V8-K, 65 PBT and Axel Housing. Call

1964 Plymouth Savoy for sale. All aluminum Hemi clone AA/SA stock eliminator car, Honest nine second stocker, X ram, Hemi everything, light glass, aluminum doors/hinges, 65 PBT and 8 3/4 rear with all the tricks. Fresh everything. Call

426 HEMI cross ram engine carbs to oil pan, AA/SA stock eliminator legal, 9 second capable in good car fresh and ready to go. STOCK. Can convert to single 4 for NHRA. Call

426 MAX WEDGE engine, 425 HP (600 actual) carbs to oil pan, STOCK low 10's in good car, A/SA, B/SA, C/SA ready to go. Call

NEW 4340 steel 3.750 crankshaft for 426/440 designed for BB Chevy rods, 2.200 crank pin, Chevy rod width AND PIN. Call

NEW Matching for above Crank, stock length 6.76 H beam rods, Chevy width and big/small ends. Call

NEW MP HEMI X-ram manifold and OE Hemi X Ram 770 Holley's (used). Call

Beautiful, nicest in the country, 1963 DODGE ALUMINUM NOSE. Unused since 1970. Call

HOOSIER 10.5 (12 inch actual) slicks with less than 10 runs 15 inch ran tubeless. Call

KILLER CRANKS: 4.15 chrome for BB Chevy Rods, 2.200 CP, 2.00 width about 2200g BW. ALSO: 4.500 stroke chrome again for BB Chevy rods, 2.200 crank pin X 2.00 inch width. Chevy rods available in 7.100, 6.800, 6.700. Makes many combos. CALL

KILLER RODS: Mopar P rods, I beam, wedge length 6.765 inches one new set, one set with 100 miles. Manley/Barton I beams, 1000HP, 2 sets NEW Call

1963 Max Wedge engine, restoration quality, all parts correct, carbs to oil pan, Call

1962 Max Wedge engine, restoration quality, all parts correct, carbs to oil pan. Call

1962-1963-1964 some body parts, some chrome, lotsa glass. Call

8 3/4 chunks, race ready w/ spool. Ratios available 4.43, 4.56, 4.75 and 4.89

Engine for stocker race car, 273 with all the tricks, 308 heads, CP, chrome stroker crank, Eagle rods. Call

PISTONS, used good cond SS HEMI, + .060 max CR, MAX WEDGE + .060 .125 11-1 dome, NEW Race 318 flat tops. Call

If you do not see it here, call. We may both get lucky!

Dan Dvorak
11109 NE US HWY 301
WALDO FL 32694

September 10, 2009

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