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1963 Dodge Custom 880 Coupe

Ben writes: My very original 1963 Dodge 880 Custom Coupe is my first American car.
I have always wanted one and wanted to get a proper one when I did.
1963 Dodge Custom 880 Custom Coupe

I live in central London where large old American cars are a rare sight!

The Mopar is a California car that was brought to the UK in 2005. This Dodge appears to be all original with wonderful sunbleached California paint, 1 California owner and 45k miles on the clock that look to be genuine. I intend to keep the car as it is, making improvements where needed, but maintaining its originality.

I love that the design of this car draws a line so exactly between the 50’s and 60’s style automobiles.

Update September 2007

1963 Dodge Custom 880 Custom Coupe  In the city of London, with a set of new bias-ply wide whites, the Dodge sits at just the right height and sets the whole car off just beautifully. I love this machine more every day that goes by.

Contact Ben: Contact owner 1963 Dodge Custom 880 Coupe
Thanks Ben!

These big ol’ Mopars are rare in the States, too!

Keep drawing crowds and have a blast with the Dodge!  smile!

Gary H.

August 19, 2007; Updated September 19, 2007

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