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1963 Plymouth Fury

Fast Eddie Dufour writes:

After 5 weeks tracking this '63 Fury while it was on its way back from four years spent in Hamburg, Germany, it now sits in my garage! What is amazing, is that its ultimate destination happened to be just a few miles from where I live!

1963 Dodge

The body is incredible and the only rust appears to be some superficial stuff on the floor of the trunk.

It won't require much to make it a beautiful sleeper. It has a '70 tricked out 440 wedge with dual flowmaster exhaust, and the interior is beautiful!

1963 Plymouth Fury with 440

I will keep you updated on restoration progress, which will begin after the start of the new year.

Thanks Eddie,

Man, sometimes it is a very small world!

What a great car to start a restoration from. Very nice!

Keep us posted on your progress, please.

Gary H.

November 16, 2000

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