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1964 Plymouth Fury

Phillip Duff writes: [Editor's note: Checked on January 1, 2003, Phillip's e-mail address is no longer valid. Phillip, if you read this, send your current e-mail address. Thanks.]

Thought I'd tell you about my car. I now have a '64 Fury 2-dr Hardtop, 318 poly, PB auto.

I am the third owner and it has about 85K on the clock.

It runs excellent but needs rust repair and interior.

When I bought it from the 2nd owner, he insisted that it leave his yard just as it arrived: under it's own power!!! It had sat for around 6 years but I figured I could do it! I ended up basically just pulling and cleaning the pick up in the tank, replacing the fuel pump and the missing coil, changing the oil, and tossing in an old battery I had. After a few attempts it fired right up and you should have seen the smile on the seller's face!!!

I aired up the existing tires and drove it about 7 miles to my home.

I was stoked.

I am replacing the front sheet metal this weekend and it will become my daily commuter!

I have replaced the ignition switch, one broken vent window and rebuilt the carb. I may have to do some brake work but they seem fine at the moment. I also have a 4-dr Fury parts car. Here is a pic for you. More to come....

1964 Plymouth Fury

Update: August 2001

1964 Plymouth Fury

Finally got the car on the road and was a Happy Camper!

Shifting problem caused me to service and adjust the Trans and all is well there.

Unfortunately, driving home from work one evening I had the oil light come on and a pop and then steam as I pulled off the road. What I thought to be a blown heaqd gasket turned out to be a hole in the timing cover. It appears, (I hope) that the engine is okay, but it will be for sure this weekend with luck!

poly 318 timing cover 1964 Plymouth Fury 1964 Plymouth Fury 318 poly heads

(See pic of T-cover) Also acquired another parts car with a donor poly, (again, I hope), for $50 last night! It had sat since 1979 and a tree actually grew against the Rt rear qtr. Unbelievable! It was also sunk into the ground up to the "frame". Still, some good parts on it though.

1964 Plymouth Fury 1964 Plymouth Fury

I just can't wait to get the Fury on the road again!!!! More to come!

Thanks, Phil!

You never know what to expect when you deal with the longtime owner of a vehicle. The emotionally attached memories are strong!

Plus, the engine's firing up is a good sign: that Fury wants back on the road!

The Plymouth will certainly serve well as fun daily driver! :-)

Gary H.

July 14, 2001; August 29, 2001, January 1, 2003

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