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For Sale as of December 7, 2003: Mike says "The 1962 Fury Wagon car is in Spokane Washington and ready for any length of trip one might want to take. It is always stored inside and is a very sound wagon with tons of extra parts to go with car, all taken from other 1962 wagons. Too much to list here. I'm asking $3500.00 very firm, as this is what I've got into the wagon. Too many other things on my plate at this time. call 509-447 2276"

1962 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon - Roxanne

Mike Dotson wrote:

Roxanne, my Fury Wagon, was bought new in North Carolina and has started on her third trip around on the old clock.

1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon, front drivers side Roxanne sits in North Carolina, waiting her cross country run to Washington State.

I drove her home,
enjoying 3,676 miles of thumbs-ups,
and smiles from folks who just plain
love seeing the old Mopar iron on the
highway, most as I was going around them.
318 engine in 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon
I've just given my new love a set of Flowmasters and
all new duel exhaust with H pipe,
as she ran as sweet as any Mopar I own
or know of for 3,776 miles.

1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon passenger side front 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon front interior 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon dash

I'm going to do more of a rest-a-fa-cation, than restoration, as to save some of factory-done work.
I feel that there's plenty of over-restored cars in this world anyway; (I've done this myself on a few of my cars).

The main reason I had to have her is that like all class ladys she has not been painted-up to hide any
flaws that she got in giving outstanding service to the proud men who were lucky to have spent time with her.

Every trim part is on the car and in near mint condition! 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon passenger side trim

1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon, rear view 1962 Plymouth Fury Wagon rear

Wagons ho, Mike!

Roxanne is a great find!

Wagons are just now starting to get the respect they deserve. Virtual 'thumbs up' to you from me as well!


Re December revision: Never enough time for all the projects! Someone will enjoy this wagon! Gary H.

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