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1965 Dodge A990 -- Dodge Material

Denny writes:

To bring my A990 home, we drove through a snow
storm with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees F;
that morning it was nearer to zero.
1965 Dodge A990

1965 Dodge A990 Next I had fun racing the Dodge.

After racing the car, I decided it was time for paint. My luck with painters has been very good. But they have all been extremely slow.
When I stripped the car, I found two things: the wheel wells had been ball peen altered and before the last paint job, someone used a course grinder to strip the paint.

1965 Dodge A990 1965 Dodge A990
1965 Dodge A990 1965 Dodge A990

I fixed the wheel well openings from a donor car. My painter fixed the course grinder work with a light coat of bondo and lots of straight board work.

1965 Dodge A990 The new paint is Candy Brandy Wine over a black pearl base.

Next is assembly. As you can see the is a project in work.
Thanks, Denny!

Neither sleet, nor snow or freezing temps will deter a '62-'65 Mopar fan from getting their torque monster!

Good going!  smile!

Gary H.

October 24, 2002

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