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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Bill writes:

Back in 1965 I bought a 1965 Satellite with 426 wedge from factory.

Soon it became apparent it was not fast enough; in 1966 I installed a 426 street hemi, along with headers and cam.

Then in 1968 I had a stupid attack and sold it.

Since then I have owned several Mopars, but still had a soft spot in my heart for a '65 Satellite.

I tried for several years to find my old Satellite, but never did.

Then 2 years ago I ran across the one I now have. I am in process of recreating my old one with several improvements over it.

1965 Plymouth Satellite 1965 Plymouth Satellite interior

1965 Plymouth Satellite Hemi

I am installing a new Mopar performance block with a .400 stroker crank, taking it to 472 cubic inches, also Indy cylinder heads and intake, with a 950 Speed Demon carburetor.

Can't wait to get this monster running!

Thanks, Bill!

That was quite a ride you had back in the 60's.

Glad to hear you again found another Satellite...

Patience, you'll have lots of fun with the "new" '65! :-)

Gary H.

November 9, 2001.

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