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The 1962 -1965 Large Mopars

Dodge Polara, Custom 880 and Monaco

Below are some dealer literature pictures and text about these Dodges!


1965 Polara
You've never seen a Dodge like this before, because there has never been a Dodge like this before. Start with styling. Polara's crisp lines are clean and uncluttered. Subdued elegance reigns in its finest form. inside, impeccable interiors of exquisite hand-fitted cloth-and-vinyl or all-vinyl upholsteries demonstrate Dodge's attitude of giving you lots more than you bargain for. Room? Glad you asked. Dodge is famous for that. Polara gives you big-car room in all directions. And in Polara you go with gusto...without guzzle, thanks to Polara's energetic 383 cubic inch V8 that thrives on regular. With six new models to choose from, there must be a Polara just right for you. Try one on for size.

1965 Polara interior
We told you Polara is something special. Standard cloth-and-vinyl interior trim combinations for Polara sedan and hardtop models. Scrumptious as they should be in such a fine automobile. Choose from red, blue, turquoise, tan and gold.

Custom 880: If elegance were spelled in numbers, this would be it

1965 Custom 880
The Custom 880 4-door sedan. unsurpassed good taste is yours in this classic 6-window sedan--a design usually offered only on the world's most expensive motorcars. Custon 880's spacious interior is sheer excellence. Whereever you look, you'll be impressed with superb 880's custom touches. Up front, for instance, its complete, easy-to-read instrumentation is set in deeply hooded circular mountings. Special extra-long, comfort-providing armrests and generous "picture-window" door panel styling continue its unique interior treatment. You can easily pay more for such a fine automobile, but why should you, when Custom 880 is so moderately priced?

1965 Custom 880 interior
This impeccable cloth-and-vinyl interior is exclusive in the 6-window sedan.
The deep-toned, nylon-faced body cloth is threaded with metallic elegance. In red, blue, turquoise, tan and gold.

1965 Dodge Custom 880


1965 Dodge Monaco
Monaco for 1965. A one-of-a-kind, best-of-everything Dodge. Low. Lithe. And if you like the way it looks, just wait till you get behind the wheel. This is the car for the man who has everything--or at least thought he had everything until he saw the Monaco. Listen while we tick off a few of the luxury items that are standard equipment with this car. 383 V8 (4-barrel carb). Full foam front bucket seats. Full-length center console. Padded dash. Full carpeting. Sporty translucent triple-spoke steering wheel. Courtesy lights in both doors. Rear seat cigarette lighter and ashtray mounted in center console. Fender-mounted turn signal indicators. electric clock. And more. Lots more. Add to all this the room, ride and performance that Dodge is famous for, and you begin to understand why Monaco is a special car intended for special people.

1965 Dodge Monaco

Monaco's deep-pleated comfortable bucket seats (front and rear) are resplendently [sic] finished in soft saddle grain vinyl, specially selected for beauty and durability. Or, if you prefer, a combination of Dawson pattern cloth and saddle grain vinyl. Your choice at no extra cost.

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