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Dodge Boys Bumper Sticker

The Dodge Boys Sticker

Source: Mixed in with some family photos I found an envelope postmarked December 11, 1964 with a return address of Chrysler Corporation, P.O. Box 1118, Detroit, Michigan 48231. When I looked inside the envelope I found this "Dodge Boys" bumper sticker! Then I remembered that I received the sticker from Chrysler after I had written to them to congratulate them on their 1963 and 1964 racing efforts! :) The sticker was part of Dodge's marketing and advertising campaign.

The sticker was manufactured by Fasson Products, Paineville, Ohio, and has FasCal as a registered trademark.

UPDATE: These stickers will be reproduced by Jim Osborne in 1997, thanks to my friend Jimmy Peavy. I sent Jimmy the original sticker and Jimmy sent it to Jim Osborne. Jim Osborne has agreed to reproduce these "Dodge Boys" decals!
May, 1997.

Update, November 1, 1997: I just received word that these bumper stickers are now available as reproductions! Cool!

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