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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

MoparCurt aka "Rollen Thunder" writes from California:

I currently have 5 Plymouths that I am working on: 1963's, 1964's & a '65.

The first is a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury. 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

I purchased the car from Sutton Engineering in La Puente CA in 1992 for three hundred dollars. The Mopar was just a rolling chassis, no motor or transmission. All the trim was removed, but luckily it was still with the car. The seller said the car had not run since the early 1980's.

I just built a 60 over 383 with a 727 for it. I need to build the transmission and put it back in car.

Just painted in 2002, the Sport Fury has no a/c, buckets or console.

I just love these old cars!

Yo "Rollen Thunder"!

Are you having too much fun, with 5 Plymouths, including a 1963 Sport Fury?

Nah, the fun is always there with these Mopars around!  Mopar smile!

Gary H.

February 22, 2003

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