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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Doug writes:

This is the 1965 Satellite that I'm building for Nostalgia SS racing.

Update October 2001

When it became apparent about June 2001 that I was not going to be able to have the '65 ready this season, I had to back off and regroup.

I decided to take the body and go totally through it instead of just patching it up to be able to race this season. A friend who does professional body work and I gutted the car and totally removed the floor and trunk floor. This was the new starting point.

frame 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
This is a shot of the 2X4 tubing I used to tie the rails. I also used 3/16 plates for the roll bar and seats that will be under the floor.
The loop is a Competition Engineering item.

tub 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
Here's the modified wheel house, it was cut in the center and moved in to the frame 3 inches.
I would like to thank Dave Frank who owns AutoWorks here in Rolla, for all of his help with this!

trunk 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
The trunk floor while near completion. It was formed from 30 gauge steel, the cage for the fuel cell is made from 1X1 tubing

dash 1965 Plymouth Satillite
The dash board I fabricated out of aluminum.
The gauges are Stewart and Warner stage 3 with the exception of the S and W 160 speedo, which is a new piece, and the Mallory temp gauge.
If anyone has a stage 3 speedo and temp gauge, I would be interested in purchasing them.

I had the engine finished by mid summer,and it is hanging on the stand waiting for its new home.

engine 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
This is a view of the oil system in place. The pump is a modified high volume that was on my old race engine.
I remachined it at my shop to achieve the clearances I needed. It use's an extension plate with O rings and a special extended rotor.

engine 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
This is a close up of the modified Mopar Performance 518 heads. I could not pass these up when they went on sale.
We machined them to 72cc from the original 86cc and drilled them for 6 bolt covers. The rocker stands are Mopar Performance. I used Crane Iron rockerswith titanium retainers and dual springs and dampeners. Because of the diameter of the springs and height,it was necessary to machine the rockers for clearance.

engine 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
Checj out the combustion chamber of the 518s. The intake is now 2.20 and I kept the 1.88 exhaust.
I thought about using a 2.25 but that would have required a smaller exhaust valve and a lot more work, but I may do it later.
The valves are Mopar Performance stainless steel with multi-angles.

engine 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
Eyeball the ports on the Weiand WC-2Q intake. It was produced in 1965 and 66 and has Max Wedge ports that needed only to be matched to the gasket. The plenum was a different story: it took a lot of work to get the results I wanted.

distributor 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
The Mallory Double Life distributor was modified using standard Mopar electronic ignition parts
in order to keep the appearance of the engine period correct, with the control box hidden inside the dash.

oil pan 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
Take a view of the Super Stock oil pan set up.
It is made up of a 9 quart Milodon pan, Milodon swinging external line pickup and a modified Mopar Performance 4.15 stroker windage tray.
The tray had to be modified for clearance for the aluminum Hemi rods.
In most cases you do not need a windage tray with this deep of a pan, but I like to run as much oil as possible in the pan.

engine 1965 Plymouth  Satillite
The 513 patiently waits waits for its new home!
The carbs are Carter competition 750 AFBs, the valve covers are vintage Offenhauser. The water pump and housing are the Mopar aluminum.
The balancer is a thick fluid type SFI approved.
The 383 in the back ground is being refreshed for a back up motor.It will use a Edelbrock STR-15-8 with vintage 1962 carbs.

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October 14, 2001

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