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1962 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200

Roger Crispin writes:

I just bought a 1962 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200.

1962 Plymouth Valiant

The Plymouth has a Super 225 s/6, push button automatic. It runs pretty good, but has transmission problems. The person I got it from said he could fix it for about $100, so I'll probably go that way.

I'm 60 years old on a limited budget so it's going to take some time, what the "H" . :-)

I once had a '62 Sport Fury with the 413 Ramcharger engine; this is as close as I've been able to find.

Thanks for posting this Web Page!
Thanks, Roger.

Look like a fun car you don't see very often. Enjoy!   smile!

Gary H.

March 5, 2002

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