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1965 Plymouth Fury II

Glen Robins writes:

My friend, Kent Copland, bought this 1965 Plymouth Fury II 4 door in the early part of 2000.

1965 Plymouth Fury II

1965 Plymouth Fury II 318
It has a 318 poly, backed by a Torqueflight.

It was owned by an old man and Kent bought it at the estate auction of the deceased man. The interior is MINT, and the engine compartment is almost clean enough to eat on.

There are a few dents anddings on the body, but nothing too major.

1965 Plymouth Fury II

His intentions are to use it as a daily driver.

Although the Poly isn't a total powerhouse, it can still smoke the tires without too much effort!

Thanks Glen!

Your friend Kent found a great survivior!

Sounds like he appreciates and cares for the '65 as much as the previous owner did!

With proper care these poly motors last and last, and keep the rust in check and the Plymouth will serve Kent well, too!

Gary H.

November 18, 2000

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