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1965 Chrysler 300

Curtis writes: My 1965 Chrysler 300 is 18 feet of gorgeous 2 door with 39,000 original miles.

1965 Chrysler 300, driver side full view
1965 Chrysler 300, front 1965 Chrysler 300, passenger front
The Mopar is not perfect. The old man who owned it originally backed into a couple of things, so there are some minor flaws on the rear bumper and the lower right rear quarter. There are some chips/scratches here and there, and I can see some evidence of some paint work having been done in a couple of areas — most likely to repair fender benders. 1965 Chrysler 300, driver front

But overall this Chrysler is super nice — no rust anywhere — and none of the flaws are bad enough to justify undoing the mostly original paint at this point.

Luckily for me the glass in the 300 is like new. It is amazing how well preserved this Mopar is: the rubber seals, window felt, everything. It is as if the Chrysler has never seen the sun.

1965 Chrysler 300, front interior 1965 Chrysler 300, front driver door panel 1965 Chrysler 300, rear interior
1965 Chrysler 300, driver side rear 1965 Chrysler 300, passenger rear
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Thanks, Curtis!

Quite a nice survivor!   smile!

Gary H.

March 13, 2009

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