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1963 Dodge 440

1963 Dodge 440

Jerry Classing writes:

Here are a few... pics and a little history of the car. I purchased it from a co-worker and his wife. The car was bought brand new by her grandfather and when he died her father inherited it. When her father died she got the car. It had been garage kept since new until my co-worker and his wife got it. They drove the car for about a year but a couple of VERY minor problems forced them to park it.

Comin' at ya: 1963 Dodge 440

So the car sat in the yard for about 3 years with weeds growing around and under it with 3 flat tires. He knew that I liked old Mopars so he was telling me about the car. They didn't want to sell it at the time so I would have to wait them out. To make a long story short, the timing was right for all of us and I bought the car cheap.

1963 Dodge 440
I went up there with a battery and sprayed the carb with eyther and it started right up and ran great considering the gas was really old and stale.

It has the 318 poly,pushbutton auto, 101,000 original miles. Everything works. The only reason they stopped driving it was because after the engine got warm, it wouldn't start again. After adjusting the timing that problem was solved. I am in the process of doing a complete brake job, dual exhaust and whatever the wallet will allow.

Interior 1963 Dodge 440

1963 Dodge 440Chevy view of 1963 Dodge 440

Glad I have the oportunity to show and tell you about my old Dodge and thanks for cosidering adding my car to your fine web site........Jerry

Thanks, Jerry! You snagged quite a beauty there! No wonder you want to drive the '63 around!
And thanks for the kind words about the web site. It's dedicated to folks like you who caretake and restore these Mopars. We all thank you for keeping these beautiful Mopars around to apply brute power to the pavement and beauty to the eye.

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