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1963 Plymouth Fury

Domingo writes from Lima, Peru: My 1963 Plymouth Fury
is on the waiting list. I will start working on the Mopar right after
I finish restoring my 1962 Plymouth.
1963 Plymouth Fury front

1963 Plymouth Fury driver side The 1963 Fury is a 318 pushbutton automatic.
The Mopar still wears the original two tone paint
scheme and tinted factory glass.

The Plymouth is a used, but unmolested, never-taken-apart-car.

I plan on keeping this one with its stock 318 automatic configuration to be used as a nice cruiser.
The only mod I plan on is putting a dual quad poly intake I got off a 1957 or 1958 Fury.
1963 Plymouth Fury passenger side

See Domingo’s 1962 Plymouth Fury.

Contact Domingo: Owner info
Thanks Domingo!

Good find! Locating an original, unrestored, complete 1963 Fury two door is a rare event anywhere.

Have fun with the restoration!  smile!

Gary H.

June 17, 2007
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