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1962 Plymouth Fury

Domingo writes from Lima, Peru: I am a hardcore Mopar nut, but I had been mostly interested in the muscle era cars from 1968 through 1971. Lately the 1962 to 1965 Mopar bug bit me and I have also become a big fan of these cars.

I am currently working on my 1962 Fury. That’s me on the left side on the picture; the guy on the right is my buddy “Beto” who helped me track this Plymouth down on one of our numerous vintage car hunts.
Domingo with his 1962 Plymouth Fury

1962 Plymouth Fury driver side

1962 Plymouth Fury rear     1962 Plymouth Fury rear wheel opening

1962 Plymouth Fury rear window 1962 Plymouth Fury driver side rear

1962 Plymouth Fury front driver side 1962 Plymouth Fury front

1962 Plymouth Fury floor

1962 Plymouth Fury underside 1962 Plymouth Fury driver side rear

The Plymouth is originally a 318, three speed on-the-column car.

Right now the Fury is being cloned into a 413 Max Wedge with a manual transmission on the floor.

I plan on racing this Plymouth every now and then and driving it like a Max Wedge was meant to be.

Domingo with 1962 Plymouth Fury basket case As you can see, this Fury was bought as a basket case so it is missing quite a few odds and ends. If you have any leftover 1962 Plymouth parts you might want to part with please send me an email to me. My gmail address is posted below. Please help me out since it is HARD to find parts for these 1962s...specially down in Peru!
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See Domingo’s 1963 Plymouth Fury.

Thanks Domingo!

Wonderful project!

We look forward to your updates.  smile!

Gary H.

June 17, 2007
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