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1962 Plymouth Wagon

Works in Progress

Mark writes: Here is another wagon to go with the ones already up: 1964 330 wagon and 1964 Fury wagon

I bought it off eBay last week. I'll be picking it up next week. Looks like a good home for my max wedge...

1962 Plymouth Wagon, front

1962 Plymouth Wagon, engine 1962 Plymouth Wagon, top

1962 Plymouth Wagon, driver front

Update, October 2001

I finally picked this one up today (Oct. 14, 2001) after buying it off eBay in March. It turns out to be in much better shape than I expected: perfect rockers and quarters, good cowl and straight except for the driver's side fender and valence and a hole in the hood.

UPDATE April 2013: As it turned out, I ran short on money and had to sell this Plymouth. The Mopar went to a fellow that turned the car into a max-wedge powered N/SS car.

Thanks, Mark!

Jeeze, you are quite the wagon master! :-)

Very nice!

I find it especially relevant because of how very competitivwe B wagons were on the drag strip back in the '62 - '63 - '64 era!

RE: Update, I am sorry you had to let the wagon go, but it seems fate turned out well for the Plymouth -- on the quarter mile and having fun. :-) Gary H.

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