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1964 Plymouth Fury Wagon

Mark writes:
Here's another one to add to the Works in Progress section; (My 1964 330 wagon is already listed there.)

1964 Plymouth Fury Wagon 1964 Plymouth Fury Wagon

1964 Fury wagon, 318/pb; I paid $500 for it last month.

The wagon was last on the road in 1993; it sat for at least the last two years and it fired right up and drove onto the trailer; (didn't stop, though. brakes were frozen solid)!

I just finished swapping on a set of discs. Next will be a coat of black primer and maybe some flames.

Eventually a 440 will go in.

Note: Mark put the wagon up for sale in October 2001. It is now SOLD! The old ad read: $900 takes it. I rebuilt the front end and added disc brakes. The rear springs are new also. It runs and drives but there are no rear brakes, quarters are rough as is the cowl. The price reflects the body condition (needs work). -- Note again, the wagon is sold.

Check out what the new owner is up to with the Wagon!

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Thanks, Mark!

Wow, another cool Mopar B Body Wagon!


Keep us posted on your project. :-)

RE: update -- sold but not forgotten and on the way to a new home in WI. :-)

Gary H.

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