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1962 Dodge Polara 500

1962 Polara 500, front Cliff Holt writes:

This Dodge seems original,
not having been driving since 1973.

I bought it from a lady who was in her 90's,
and it was her mother's car.

This is how the car appeared in 1999:

White exterior w/red insert in the chrome trim,
red and white interior, 2 door hard top (no pillar)
push buttons, duel exhaust, short console,
day/night mirror, padded dash, variable speed
wiper, tinted windshield.
1962 Polara 500

361 with 2x4's Engine is a 361 2 X 4. The air cleaners were missing,
they were thrown out, back in the 60's.

I'm told that the car was hard starting and they
frequently had to pour gas down the carb in the winter.

I opted for the aftermarket air cleaners;
they are polished cast aluminum and oval.

This winter I should make some progress since it's too cold to be cruising. The motor is back together and running. All the old style rockers were ok (the ones with the aluminum pedestals), but a friend gave me an extra set. I also replaced the rear leafs because 3 of the 5 leafs on the right side were cracked.

Update: August, 1999:

I finally have the 1962 Polara driveable. All the mechanical stuff is done: front end....brakes..exhaust.

I ended up using 2 1/4 inch Road Runner tail pipes in place of the factory 2 inch . They fit perfect.

Now comes the interior and the body work. More pictures soon.
Update, November 5, 2003:

I sold the car to a friend of mine and he is going to restore it next year (2004).

He dressed the 500 up a bit with painted body color wheels in the back and American's in the front.

I didn't loose interest, but ran out of space. I'm working on a 1956 Chrysler 300, as well as finishing my father's 1954 Dodge...original owner car.

Update February 2012

Rick, the guy I sold this car to, kept it a few years. Then someone wanted it real bad at a show/swap meet nostalgia event at Lebanon Valley Dragway and he sold it.

That's one cool and very, very rare car you have there. It's a classic little 'ol lady from Pasadena' type story! It seems weird that a 2 4bbl car would be a little ol' lady car, but so be it! Keep us posted, please!

Re: 2003 update: Your friend picked up a nice project! A cool picture to consider taking in the future for this Page: the finished '500, '56 and '54 parked next to one another!

Gary H.

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