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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

Chad writes:

This is the "Dream Quest" 1963 Sport Fury....

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

I just recently bought this 1963 Sport Fury for my father. It is nearly a clone to the car he used to race when he was a kid. The car needs nothing, as it is in perfect condition.

Its taken me 10 years to find this car to give to my parents as a present (they dated in that Fury for a year, before their marriage in '68. They sold the car just prior to me being born in '72). I want to make it perfect in every way....

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

The interior has never been redone...There is some very slight fading on the dash....[though the steering wheel is an after market piece for now]

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Interior

The Sport Fury is an original 383 Commando, push-button A/T car....

The distinctive "Groucho" front end. This car has ALL of its bright work....

The body lines are straight, and there has never been a single fender bender to this car....even the chrome is perfect..... Aside from some minor rock chips, the paint still shines beautifully....

This 1963 is unrestored and mostly original (5 slot mags. in place of original rims and hubcaps) with 66,000 miles.

She looks much better in person.

Its taken me over 12 years and many phone calls that were bum leads to find the "perfect gift" to my parents. I scoured from coast to coast, and then I literally found this car by accident, when I had pretty much given up my search.

I know that this car will send my parents down "Memory Lane", and hopefully show those two wonderful people how much their son loves them.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

I gave the Fury to my parents today, and needless to say they were speechless!

Thanks, Chad!

I can't think of a grander present to show how much your folks mean to you! Great!

1963 Sport Fury's are pretty scarce nowadays. Congratulations on finding such a good one.

Gary H.

September 19, 2000; revised September 20, 2000

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