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1964 Plymouth Fury

Terri Bugyra writes:

Here is a photo of my 1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible.

1964 Plymouth Fury 'vert

My dad had originally bought the car for $200.00 Canadian, restored the car to its original color, original interior etc. I bought the car from him about 11 years ago (I still owe $400.00 plus interest). I wanted to change the color from the original color to Canyon Blue (same color as the Dodge Stealth) and the interior to gray, needless to say he almost had a heart attack.

After months of intense crying, pleading, begging and one huge temper tantrum he did just what I wanted (I'm a girl - what can I say). We stripped the whole inside of the car (mom & I put all the screws in one baggy) painted the inside Canyon Blue, had the door panels and seats reupholstered and ordered a new gray carpet from Year One.

This summer the car is getting a new fresh coat of paint. Its fun having the only Fury Convertible in town - dad has a 1964 Fury Hardtop (I'll get him to send you a photo and information). My girlfriends love cruising in the summer, the boys always ask if it is my husband's, boyfriend's or dad's car and how much do I want for it.

As for the technical aspect of this car - all I know is that it has a 383, it runs like a dream and I know where the dipstick is.

Thanks, Terri!

It's great to hear that you see the value, intrinsic and historic, of that cool Fury 'vert.

Obviously, "dad didn't rase no fool", as the saying goes! :-)

Send some photos of the Fury after the paint job, please.

And I propose you'd better learn about changing a tire, too, as I know too well from personal experience about flat tires! :-)

Take care,

Gary H.

February 25, 2000.

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