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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Gary Bradshaw writes:

I bought this Plymouth in a basket and carried it home in baggies about a year ago.

1965 Plymouth Satellite front 1965 Plymouth Satellite side view

The only problem was some of the baggies must have been missing!

The Satellite was a Poly 318 car, but I have installed a built 440/727 to play with, until I hope I can build a stroker Poly sometime in the future.

1965 Plymouth Satellite 440 1965 Plymouth Satellite engine

1965 Plymouth Satellite interior 1965 Plymouth Satellite interior

1965 Plymouth Satellite rear

1965 Plymouth Satellite at drags The car ran 12.63 the first time out at the quarter mile with DOT tires,
through the mufflers and no bottle! The run was not as fast as
my 1963 Savoy was, but this one has 355 gears and is very drivable.

Thanks to all the parts help from everyone on the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse it is close to being finished.

I still need a factory antenna at the right price and the Plymouth needs the bumpers rechromed.

Thanks, Gary!

I applaud your effort, as reconstructing a car from that level of disassembly is QUITE a challenge!

The Plymouth looks wonderful!

12.63 upon reassembly: you did good!   smile!

Gary H.

April 27, 2002

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