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1963 Plymouth Savoy

Gary Bradshaw writes:

I bought this car in 1993 as a 93,000 mile six cylinder three speed standard.

1963 Plymouth Savoy

I always wanted a push button car so I changed it over and built the 440 engine with a 3500 stall convertor and 4.10 gears.

1963 Plymouth Savoy

I installed a Road Runner K-member and it moved the engine back about two inches.

1963 Plymouth Savoy

The car has run a best of 12.12 @ 114 m.p.h. at the Texas Motorplex with the first (high comprssion) engine on M and H street tires and through mufflers, with 1.62 sixty foot times.
1963 Plymouth Savoy

Now using a lower compression piston, this is a super fun street car and my wife and I really love to drive it around Ft. Worth.

1963 Plymouth Savoy

1963 Plymouth Savoy

I can't thank you enough for the recognition. Love them '62-'65 Mopars!

Keep up the good work....

Update: Gary has sold the car. See his new ride!

Thanks, Gary!

I was lucky enough to see your car in person and double lucky to watch it go through the paces down the 1/4 mile.

The Plymouth certainly looks awesome standing still AND in motion!

I was also very fortunate to meet you and your wife. I can't think of nicer folks.

Congratulations on your fine Plymouth!

And thanks for keeping the early B's on the drag strips and streets!

Gary H.

October 2, 2000; revised April 27, 2002

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