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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Joe Boucher writes:

I finally got my Sport Fury..........I have owned the car about month now.......

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury interior 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury engine

The engine is a 440 redo of about 12 years ago........Body is pretty good some rust in floor pans in the back seat area.......Some engine and tranny leaks.......The rear end is a 8 3/4 from a '69 Roadrunner, however one of the axles is not right: it has been cut or something and the ends are worn.........

Just trying to decide where to start and make a list of what to do and where to do it....

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Just thought you would like to know of another Mopar lover!

Thanks, Joe!

You have snagged a good one! Very nice looking!

Fix one thing at a time is my suggestion. In my experience, taking stuff apart is relatively easy, while putting back together is another story! ;-)

Have fun with your Sport Fury!

As a Mopar lover, how could you not? :-)

Gary H.

April 14, 2001.

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