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1963 Dodge 440

Bob writes: I am in the process of doing a 1963 Dodge 440 that I purchased last fall [2011] and although it is not a restoration back to stock, the Mopar should end up being a very nice ride. The Dodge was built in St. Louis and was shipped to Texas where it spent much of its life. In 2006 the Dodge was purchased by a gentleman in Ajax, Ontario Canada who had plans to make it into a Max Wedge car. Plans changed and the Dodge was placed on Ebay where I purchased it for a fair price.

Originally a 318 A/C auto car, it was changed over to a 1967 383 engine with a 1967 automatic. The engine was torn down with many updates being made, the trans sports manual/auto valve body with a 2500 torque converter. The 8 3/4 rear end is finished off with a new set of Super Stock springs and 3.23 SureGrip.

1963 Dodge 440 383 engine
1963 Dodge 440 driver side front

The body is all original sheet metal including the floors so it needed minimal work to take it to what is shown in these pictures.

1963 Dodge 440 passenger side

As you can see there is still much to be done but as you know, things take time.

Great site, thanks! It’s very useful!

Contact Bob: owner 1963 Dodge 440

Thanks, Bob!

Great job! Good things do take time. Your Dodge is a “real good thing”!   smile!

Gary H.

February 11, 2012

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