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1964 Dodge 440

Grant writes:

Hello all you Moparites out there!

After visiting this site for the last few months thought I should get around to showing ya all my 1964 Dodge 440.

I work for a Chrysler dealership here in Alberta Canada and decided it was high time to by myself a new Mopar to replace my always unfaithful Chev (eeek) truck . Being 6 foot 4 inch you can imagine that my choices were limited to only a small handful of Chryslers new lineup as the rest just don't have the headroom.

I was whining at the parts counter one afternoon saying that there were so few cars that fit me when one of the tuneup guys mentioned that he had a 1964 Dodge 2 door that he would be willing to part with. I had always liked these body styles and thought it was worth a look.

I followed him over to his house to have a look at what I was sure to be a rust bucket. He had told me that he'd parked it when he was married in '71 because it scared the hell out of his wife. It also had a 340 motor from a '69 Dart transplanted in it.

As we pulled up my eyes widened, there was almost no rust! He disappeared into the house and came back with the keys, the owner's manual, and the original bill of sale.

I couldn't believe my luck: everything worked, even the radio, everything was there, and original paint to boot!

He told me the only regret he had over selling the car would be to lose the 340.

NO PROBLEM! There's plenty of room for a 440 in between those fenders.

1964 Dodge 440

So here she sits, eagerly awaiting me to rebuild the test mule engine; (I dropped in a tired 440 Magnum to make sure the steering and brakes were okay before detailing the engine bay.)

I've also managed to find all the parts to convert her to a 4 speed and I have to admit that even with the tired old 440 she put the fear of GOD into some of those Mustand and Camaro boys.

Anyway hope you enjoy the pic; I've prattled on long enough, but before I go have to say again: GREAT SITE!

Wow, Grant!

It pays to find yourself in the right place at the right time!

You found a Mopar time capsule there, and retrofitting that 440 and a 4 speed will certainly fix a smile on your face!

Thanks, glad to hear you like the Web site; keep up the good work on your '64!

Gary H.

November 12, 2001
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