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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

Lee Sumpter writes:

My friend Larry Bland recently finished rebuilding the engine in his '63 Sport Fury.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury front 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury driver side rear

Larry bought this car in 1983, and has been playing with it and fixing it up since then. He was even able to trace back and contact the second owner of this car. That elderly gentleman nearly had tears in his eyes when Larry invited him to a show a few years ago, and he saw his old car brought back to its former glory!

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury interior 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury dash

The Sport Fury is a 318 poly car with the factory 3 speed column shifted manual tranny. It has been restored back to completely stock specs with the exception of the dual exhausts and an AFB carb, manifold, and air cleaner from a 64 Plymouth wagon. The interior has been completely re done, and the paint job and trim still shine like new, even though the paint was put on in 1986!

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury engine 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury rear view

Larry showed the car in the stock restored classes for many years with the original wheels, hubcaps, and bias ply whitewall tires. After going through the engine and tranny this spring, Larry elected to got the route of Cragar SS wheels and BF Goodrich Radial Tires. It really adds some sparkle and pizazz to the old girl, and makes it drive a whole lot better!

We seem to be going through a new trend in our area. A lot of us people who restored cars and worried about making everthing 100% stock for the car shows, etc. have now become less interested in shows and more interested in driving and "cruising!" It seems like all us 40s thru early 60s guys are now making their cars like they would have wanted them to be in the sixties, seventies, and even early eighties when they were our daily drivers!

Thanks Lee!

Wow, Larry really has a sharp Sport Fury!

And drivin' it for the fun of it all is a good thing, yup! smile!

Gary H.

September 3, 2002

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