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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Billy writes:

Great site for some of Ma Mopar's greatest cars!

Here are some pics of my 1965 Satellite.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

I was in Seattle taking care of my mom when I stumbled upon her. It seems the original owner and her husband were getting divorced when she walked into his dealership in February of '65 and demanded a car. And not just any car! She went straight to the lot and picked out a blue 426 Satellite and dorve it off! By 1972 she had put a mere 30,000 on the beast and returned to her hubby's dealership complaining that gas was getting to expensive to feed this gas hog and that he do something about it! Well his solution was to swap in a 273 from a wrecked '65 Belvedere for her and send her on her way.

Flash ahead to 1994. The original owner has passed on and the well kept Satellite, now with 130,000 careful miles, is for sale by her son. He tells me the story as I'm writing him a check for next to nothing and trying to split before he realizes the car is worth about 5 times what I'm paying. Almost as an after thought I ask if he knows what happened to the original motor and trans. He says he's not sure but there is "some parts and junk" that go along with the car if I want them. Among the "parts and junk" is the origninal, complete always garaged 426 wedge and Torqueflite!

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Since then I used the car for daily transportation arounf Seattle. The drove to Houston where I dorve the car almost daily for a few years. Next off to Greenville, SC and finally here in Charleston. May I add NEVER even a hint of a problem!

Now she has about 180,000 ticks and is just a Sunday cruiser.

I am rebuilding the original 426 and hope to do some major restoration this fall and winter.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Thanks again for the great site!

Thanks, Billy!

I think you certainly got a good deal, but also that you deserved it!

You see, you had the knowledge that these Mopars were cool way back in 1994, a time when even many of the Mopar faithful completely ignored pre-1967 Mopars.

And you have faithfully cared for the Plymouth all these years since, even planning a engine swap/restoration.

Good job! Have fun with your Mopar!

Gary H.

March 9, 2001

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