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1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible

1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible passenger side front

John writes: We bought this Plymouth Satellite a year ago from a nice middle aged guy in Kendellville, Indiana when we were living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The owner didn’t know much about the Mopar: he drove it very little for the 10 years he owned the Plymouth.

We now live just outside Rochester, New York, so no one around here has ever seen the car before, let alone a 1965 Plymouth convertible 383 big block 4 speed.

1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible interior 1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible big block 383 engine

From the vin tag and the fender tag we found out that the car is original with the exception of the colors. The interior was never offered with the interior the way it is, that had to have been done by a former owner. As of now I am 95% sure that the car is all original and “numbers matching.” As we know in 1965 you can’t match up the numbers, just the date codes on everything. But again everything is time era correct!!!

1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible, driver side rear

Since we bought it we have just been driving it and have done little work to it. The long term plan is to put it back to original.

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Excellent Mopar find John!   smile!

Gary H.

May 14, 2007
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