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1965 Dodge Monaco

Dean Bernhardt writes:

This is a 1965 Dodge Monaco Convertable, built only in Canada for '65.
1965 Dodge Monaco

It has a 318 wide block, power steering, vacuum assist brakes (4drum), push button AM radio, chrome trim on the top sides with turn signals at the front, and a power top.

1965 Dodge Monaco

1965 Dodge Monaco

HELP! I've had trouble finding info on this vehicle, the vin # doesn't match any of the vin break down sheets I've seen. If anyone knows of another one like it, or knows anything about the car please e-mail me.

Dean Bernhardt

Thanks, Dean!

You have a wonderful cruser there!

Not much compares to easing down the highway in a big Mopar with the car's top down on a nice day!

If you find out more about your Dodge let me know and I'll post the information on your web page.

Happy driving,
Gary H.

August 20, 2000

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