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1965 Dodge Dart GT

Larry writes:

I just finished this '65 for my daughter. I found it in a wrecking yard in Weed, Ca. with no rust and mostly straight. I stayed with the original color and vinyl top. The Dart has a \6 and a console shift; it is a real show stopper and a blast to drive!

before 1965 Dodge Dart after 1965 Dodge Dart
Before.............             .............After           

I restore Darts from '63 - '66 and have about 20 for parts: that sure comes in handy! I also had dash covers or caps manufactured for the Darts, Valiants, and Barracudas from this age.

We will be at all the Mopar shows in Oregon next year.

ps We call ourselves the OLEDARTCLUB.

Nice going Larry!

You did a heck of a job on that Dart.

The OLEDARTCLUB sounds like a lot of fun!

Fun is what these Mopars are for, after all!

Gary H.

December 24, 2001

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