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1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Brent Becker

I have a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda and it is almost fully restored with my parent's help.

I purchased it from its second owner. It has a stock 225 [slant] straight six in it and I repainted it and put a set of Craiger SS wheels on it.

I also have redone the original interior and bucket seats.

The only thing not stock on this car is a cd player and 4 six by nine speakers I got in the back.

I love my mean Fish and am hoping to drop in a newer engine soon.

As soon as I get my friend over I will get some pictures and send them.

This is an awesome ride -- more than any 16 year old deserves, but I am proud that I have payed for everything including the loan of $1,000 to buy it.

You should see the stares I get on the cruise!

Now I just gotta get a new engine.

Keep up the good work....
Good going Brent!

The early big glass Barracudas stood out even when new, so they REALLY stand out amid the sea of jellybean shaped cars today!

There are ways to modify the slant six for more power, so that is also an option to consider.

Good luck, enjoy the car, and keep us posted!

Gary H.

May 8, 2001.

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