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1965 Plymouth Belvedere I A990 Factory super stock car

Jerry writes:

I previously owned this 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I A990 factory super stock car; it was documented by G. Govier, (APPRAISAL, VENICLE CONDITION SCALE, AND VIN NUMBER ID).

Two items were missing from the car: 1. rear glass is a 1966; 2. The hood and air scoop was stolen, I did have a hood that had been acid dipped. I planned to use that hood with a Fiberglass scoop, or the new owner can get a hood air scoop.

The Plymouth was N.H.R.A. Certified (March 2004). New Wilwood front & rear Disk Brakes; Dana 60 (5.13). B&M Shifter. New Rear Slicks (12 Runs). 426 race Hemi (Dyno sheets). 727 Pro-Trans Transmission. Line Lock.

1965 Plymouth A990 front 1965 Plymouth A990 motor
1965 Plymouth A990 driver side interior 1965 Plymouth A990 pass side interior
1965 Plymouth A990 rear interior 1965 Plymouth A990 trunk
1965 Plymouth A990 rear 1965 Plymouth A990 rear

Thanks, Jerry!

I'm certain the father and son team of Joe Mialki, the new owners, will enjoy and appreciate this fine ride!

A-990. 'Nuff said!  smile!

Gary H.

October 25, 2002; October 28, 2002; December 5, 2002

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