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1963 Canadian Dodge 330 Wagon

Ted Barrett writes:

I'm sending you some photos of my 1963 Dodge wagon and my friend's 1963 Dodge.

1963 Dodges

My wagon is the one that Glen Robbins (the wagon that got away twice) was looking for. I have since met Glen and his dad so they now know where it is! They are very nice people and own a couple nice Mopars.

1963 Dodge wagon

1963 Dodges
The wagon is a factory 383/330HP motor, pushbutton tranny and 3.23 rear.

The car was built for the Canadian market, as it has a factory "Plymouth" dashboard. It looks like dealer installed mirrors; (I have never seen these on any '63 Dodges, but I saw a picture of a '61 Chrysler with them).

1963 Dodge
It also is a 330 model that has all the 440 model trim?

The car has PS, PB, 6 pass, PRW from dash/or with key.

The body is excelent with a couple little bubbles, floors are mint, not a mark in the doors or taigate, and the spare tire well is mint. It was painted once around '83-'84.

I put a new radiator in it, an replaced the master cylinder, wheel cylinders and brake shoes -- mostly because it sat so long, not because of wear. Everything came apart so easy I didn't even damage a brake line!

This thing could not have seen many of our Canadian winters, if any. It is a Mopar survivor with 62,000 original miles.

1963 Dodge

Update: November, 2000

The wagon at the drag strip: 1963 Dodge in the pits

1963 Dodge at the tree

1963 Dodge on the track


Wagons are great and again "hot" in the market.

There is a cult of wagon fans and web sites devoted to wagons.

And wagons are probably rarer than other styles in a year because for years they were junked as "only a wagon" and not worth saving.

That they are not worth saving is not true of course, but the impact is the same: wagons are scarce!

Lastly, don't forget that in the early 60's wagons actually had an advantage on other body styles at the drag strip due the tire technology of the time and the superior weight-over-the-rear-wheels that a wagon had.

Your Canadian version is even rarer! Cool, eh!

Gary H.

August 30, 2000; November 24, 2000

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