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1962 Plymouth Fury

Chuck writes:

I just joined the elite club of 1962 Plymouth owners. I didn't think finding parts would be so hard. Didn't anyone else but us like these cars?

I am looking for NOS or good used chrome I also need interior panels.

This Fury has a 318cu with a 2 barrel, would like to change it over to a 4 barrel.

1962 Plymouth Fury front

1962 Plymouth Fury Pass side 1962 Plymouth Fury interior
1962 Plymouth Fury 318 poly engine 1962 Plymouth Fury trunk

Congratulations, Chuck!

Quite a few people like 1962 Plymouths!

In fact, as of this date there are over 400 people in the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse discussion group, and I bet most of them like 1962 Plymouths -- a lot.

The Weiand Stealth (part number 7503) Intake Manifold that fits Chrysler 318 Polyspherical engines is still available as of today.

Good luck with the restoration. You are starting with and exceptionally clean and rust free example!

Gary H.

May 8, 2001.

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