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1965 Dodge 880

Rick writes:

From what I understand the Polara 880 was a Canadian Only car (equivalent to a U.S. Fury). This one was apparently convertible number 172 built in 1965.

I've worked all winter of 2001-2002 on this car: rewiring, welding in new floor pans, installing seatbelts (for my kids) fixing fuel and ignition problems.

1965 Dodge 880 side view

The 880 came from Alberta, and appears to have only 26,000 miles on it (as per the original owner ... I'm owner number three).

The previous owner had it repainted, installed a new top, and had the seats reupholstered about 5 years ago.

1965 Dodge 880 seats

1965 Dodge 880 engine 1965 Dodge 880 fender script

It's a 318 Poly car with a little 2 barrel on it.

1965 Dodge 880 glove box 1965 Dodge 880 dash

Note the glove box with 440 on it. Everything I've looked at on the car so far appears to be original, (except the paint color: it is a darker blue then the factory color).
And the glove box is the same shade as the original dashboard inside and out. I don't know why the 'Polara 440' badge would adorn the glovebox.
Was it added as an afterthought by someone? Does anyone 'out there' have information why?

1965 Dodge 880 rear view

Only a few small items left to do, like wiper linkages and choke settings.

I'd like to offer my thanks to all of the friendly members of the '62 to '65 Mopar Mail List for all the help tracking down parts, and for all the technical advice! I couldn't have finished it without them!

UPDATE: Rick sold the Dodge in 2010. The ad read: 1965 Dodge Polara 880 Convertible for sale, 28,000 miles, Blue Top down cruiser, original 318 Poly, two barrel, column shift automatic, power steering, power brakes, power top (paint, top, seats, carpet and trunk floor redone about 13 years ago, few small tears in the top, bumpers re-chromed, front floors pans solid, repaired 8 yearss ago), new tires, 14 inch Magnum 500 wheels with chrome trim rings and Year One center caps, Convertible number 172 built in 1965, original Alberta car, stored in a garage year round since 2002. $8900 CDN or best offer.

Great Dodge, Rick!

You don't see many of these beautiful 'verts!

Quite a low mileage example you are lucky to have!   smile!

Gary H.

May 13, 2002; March 7, 2003; August 8, 2010

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