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1965 Belvedere II

Works in Progress

Kevin Alexander wrote:

I toyed with several different Mopars
over the years.

This one strikes me as a keeper.
1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

Being the typical hot rodder, power has always been number one. Looks weren’t that important until the 1965 came around. Now, I’ve got to be different than the crowd and want to have something I designed and built. Buying parts and bolting them on is annoying, so I’ve taken a different route.

My '65 Belvedere II was originally a 318/auto car and seriously neglected by a previous owner. I transformed it into a 440/4 speed toy. It’s not done yet. The car will be receiving two Garret T-4 turbos and custom cam as soon as it gets a little warmer. Following that will be a completely custom interior and 8 point cage. When funds permit, I’ll be able to finish my custom sequential fuel injection setup and install the T56 six speed from TTC.

Once the I’ve got the bugs worked out, I should be looking at approximately 630 hp and 18 mpg using a 3.23 rear gear. With the chassis set (with exception of the cage) as it sits, mid 10’s at 135+ should be easily within reach. Should under hood room permit, and that is doubtful, I’ll be placing a call to Vintage Air for a complete climate control system.

Sorry for rambling on this long, but I’ve been really proud of my accomplishments and would like to show others what can be done with a little research, time, and reasonable cash. Encourage others to think outside the lines like Chrysler did when designing these cars.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

Update May 2001

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I thought I’d drop in for a little update on my little black Plymouth. Finally, the financial burden has been lifted and we’re hot roddin’ once again!

The twin turbo 440 has been assembled and dropped into it’s new home. I’ve been putting some miles on the new engine so I can get the rings set before adding boost. The turbos have been installed and I am ready to pressurize it now. I should have it at the shop on Wednesday to make the boost lines and have it under psi Thursday. If all goes well, we should be out and about with boost by this weekend. I will forward a shot of the engine after the boost lines are run. There are no visual clues on the outside. {bigevilgrin}

Thanks again for your efforts on the Mopar discussion Clubhouse.

I really enjoy the early Bs. They get a different kind of attention and respect than later models. Kinda makes the whole experience that much more pleasant.

Update: August 2001

See this Plymouth as August 2001 Mopar of the Month!

Update: October 24, 2005

Hidey ho! Since 2001 the hot rod’s seen some changes.

The 4 speed overdrive was replaced with an 18 spline 833 backed by 3.23 gears. That combo proved to be a little too feisty when I started feeding it more power. It would get loose on gear changes. All gear changes! Well, any of them made with any sort of enthusiasm. Going sideways at 80+ mph can be frightening.

Fiddling with this and messing with that (combined with using a tuner ’s carb) allowed me to run 17 psi (spraying alcohol) and crank out 657 hp and 742 tq at the wheels.

Big Dippy/Grand Fury brakes magically appeared up front and they were aided by a set of rear disc brakes. A D150 master cylinder was mounted using an adaptor and heat shield.

That’s when the K frame was swapped for a later B body unit. The lower engine position required different headers so I fabbed up some good that look MUCH better and really help the poor thing breathe. The rest of the exhaust was replaced with 3 inch straight pipes exiting the side just like before. Mufflers were not used. That gives the car a rich, smooth sound and the turbos sing nicely. (See pictures: : Right header Left header)

The 833 was sold and a 727 went back in the car. Life is much easier now. You can still brake boost and blow the tires off at highway speed but it’s much more forgiving to drive. The radiator fan was replaced with a dual electric fan out of a 1990 Nissan Maxima. They work great and prevent the horrible heat soak this wee beastie is capable of cranking out.

It was in this form that the hot rod took me from Arlington, TX to Green Bay, WI on the 2004 Power Tour. The little guy never missed a beat. Naturally, the MP3 player, 1000 watt amp and 12 inch subwoofer came in handy on the longer stretches.

Fast forward to 2005: By some small miracle, I managed to find the time to install a complete distributorless electronic fuel injection system. The Electromotive TEC II system is running 85 lb injectors and a custom intake manifold. What started out life as a Weiand tunnel ram ended up coming out of with some &#frac14; aluminum plate and tubing stuck to it. A 2001 Cobra throttle body lets the air in. Torque production seems to be up, but I haven’t had time to fine tune the car. (See pictures: Kevin holding intake manifold   Intake angle)

The four wheel brakes work nicely, but the truck master cylinder is too big. You’ve really got to putt some butt behind the pedal to make it move. The solution? Bigger brakes. I’m installing the complete braking system off a 2005 Mercedes S55 AMG car. They consist of 14.2 inch vented cross drilled rotors and 8 piston Brembo calipers up front and 13 inch cross drilled vented rear rotors and 4 piston Brembos out back. (See pictures: : Brembo caliper   Another caliper)

New floors will be going in winter 2005. That should make plenty of room for the 518 automatic overdrive tranny, subframe connectors, power leather heated seats from a 300M and a center console pirated from a late 70’s 300.

Things have changed, but the Plymouth’s still turning miles.

Here’s the full setup installed: 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II 440 turbocharged

Thanks, Kevin!

I certainly agree with your "keeper" assessment! That Plymouth looks absolutely mean just sitting still!

Your plans for the Mopar are extremley intersting. Awesome, in fact! We all look forward to progress reports as your plans go forth!

Enjoy the ride!

RE Update: Well, it did take a while, BUT it was WELL worth the wait! Please send some pictures and a drive report when you get time! :-)

As for the draw of early B’s, I could not have said it better!

Re 2005 Update: the hot rod just keeps getting better. Great job!

Gary H.

December 16, 1999; Updates on May 8, 2001, July 31, 2001; October 25, 2005

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