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1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Mark writes:

I recently acquired a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door from a distant relative who purchased the car new. She lives in New Mexico and the car is completely rust free! However, the interior was shot, and overall the car was in disrepair.

I drove the car back from N.M. without a hitch, other than no dash lights, faulty voltage reg. and almost losing a wiper.

1962 Plymouth Belvedere front view 1962 Plymouth Belvedere side rear
1962 Plymouth Belvedere engine 1962 Plymouth Belvedere interior

The car is an original 318 2bbl w/ pushbutton auto tranny. The only option the car came with were the back-up lights and seatbelts installed by the dealer. Build sheet was found under front seat.

The work I am trying to accomplish on the car will be to clean, replace and restore everything I need to without doing the body or drivetrain. I am working on just cleaning it up. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it.) The body has been re-painted original color of coral gray w/ white top and just needs to be buffed out.

I have recently put in new interior seats, hubcaps, interior lights, and general cleaning of grime and paint over spray on lenses and chrome.

I am searching for rear bumper and outside mirror for now. I can't wait for the swap meet at the Mopar Nat's this year. :)

This Plymouth is pretty original and hopefully these and other pictures I send can be of some help to others.

Thanks, Mark!

Another example of family connections bringing in great Mopar returns!

Sounds like a fun ride back from rescuing the car. Note it did not let you down and got you home.

Just like a '62 to '65 Mopar.   smile!

Gary H.

July 25, 2002

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