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1964 Dodge Polara

Works in Progress

Jeff Adams writes:

Sorry I don't have any pics yet, but I just wanted to share a story with the rest of the guys.

I grew up reading about mid-sixties Mopars in all the car magazines, but I never owned one. I've had 2 Roadrunners, a Charger, a GTX, a Belvedere, and a 340 Dart Swinger. I decided to sell my very nice '81 El Camino a few months ago and find an early B-body.

I found a '64 Polara on Hemming's internet site and after driving 300 miles to get it, drug it home. It's nothing special, just a 318 poly with a cracked block, pushbutton, but it's a California black plate car with the only rust being a eraser-sized hole in each cowl, under the molding. The side trim is perfect! No holes in the floor or trunk, never been rustproofed, and I'm the 3rd owner.

Since dragging it home a month ago for $3200, I've been collecting parts. In the last week I bought a '59 Chrysler 413 with 36,000 original miles, a 72 Challenger SureGrip, ( yeah, I know it won't fit, but the punkin will) and a '68 Roadrunner 4-speed from a swap meet. By the way, I met a guy there wants to sell me a complete '64 Polara 500 for $400! If I can just get my butt the 100 miles to get it, you know how time is.

I hope to send pics soon and maybe a little progress report. Thanks for the cool site and all the useful info.

Update February 13, 2002

I finally got some pics of the Polara. The only work I've managed so far is pulling the poly and automatic out. Soon, though, it's getting a 413 police interceptor and 4 speed!

1964 Dodge 1964 Dodge
1964 Dodge 1964 Dodge

Update January 9, 2006

The Dodge now has a fresh 426 with 513&#quoy; Lunati cam, Edlebrock intake, port work, 4 speed, disc brakes, SureGrip, rebuilt front end, bucket seats, console, Roadrunner exhaust tips, reverse warning light and pistolgrip shifter. Check out the vintage Torquethrusts, they were a pain to find!

1964 Dodge, driver side front 1964 Dodge, driver side rear
1964 Dodge, interior 1964 Dodge, 413 engine

Thanks, Jeff!

Appreciate that you enjoy the 1962 to 1965 Web site and glad to hear the "call" of the '62 to ’65’s proved irresistible!

Good luck with the restoration!

RE: updates. Nice looking project Dodge and good work!  smile!

Gary H.

September 9, 2001; February 13, 2002; September 9, 2006

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